In London since 2004



Mestizo was born from a work of love in 2004. When we first opened our doors we knew the huge responsibility that we had in bringing the very best of Mexican cuisine to Londoners. We believe our gastronomy has so much to offer, it’s vibrant, it’s diverse, colourful and simply delicious. In the last decade, we’ve been working hard to be the best ambassadors of our gastronomy as we can, and today we are proud to celebrate it with all of you. We are now proudly operating two bustling restaurants in London: Camden and Chelsea, showcasing our devotion to authentic Mexican gastronomy.


Mestizo Restaurant boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1974 when Roberto Alvarado, opened his first restaurant in Mexico. Over two decades ago, he introduced the flavours, traditions, and culture of Mexico to Europe. For 16 years in Madrid and 19 years in London, Mestizo has been sharing this culinary legacy, and it remains a family-managed establishment. Carlos, Roberto’s son, has launched the restaurant in Chelsea, embodying a fresh approach while preserving the essence of Mexican culture and hospitality. This expansion reflects our commitment to catering to all dietary needs, offering gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, and nut-free menu options for an Authentic Mexican Cuisine in London.


Our menu is renowned for its authenticity, featuring mouthwatering starters like Mexican Tapas “Antojitos” and refreshing Ceviche. The Taco Tray, designed for sharing, offers a variety of fillings to create your own culinary masterpiece. Our main dishes encompass both well-known traditional favorites and delightful surprises. Our Margarita Bar offers a curated tequila-based menu with our favorite flavours, including Hibiscus, Lavender, Mole, and Lychee, ensuring a delightful and unique beverage experience. We are proud to offer Authentic Mexican Cuisine in London.

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